At D'Amato, safety is of the utmost importance.  Our team of professionals hold numerous certifications and have years of education under their belts.  It is with this emphasis on safety that our company has been operating for almost 50 years with a superior experience modification rating and excellent standing with OSHA.

We take pride in our focus on safety.  Safety is not just a policy in our handbook that all of our employees must follow, its a culture.  This culture of safety is tought and executed by everyone at D'Amato.  From keeping a project site orderly and clean to always looking out for one another , it is our mission to send everyone home at the end of the day to their families.  Our supervisory staff hold safety meetings regularly on each project site to make sure that crew members have the most up-to-date knowledge on safety issues at their respective projects.  All crew members and supervisory staff are sent to continuing education along with company held seminars regularly.

At D'Amato we have a zero tollerance policy for behavior that puts our own people, sub contractors and owners in jeopardy and it is enforced.  Our equipment is maintained and vast amounts of resources are put into making sure that any piece of equipment, vehicle or tool that is used is safe to drive or operate.  Our company has a stringent vehicle maintenance program that promotes safety and repair, rather than overuse and neglect.

D'Amato is also comitted to making sure our employees are screened for drugs and alcohol regularly and we excersise and reserve the right to use "reasonable suspicion" to ensure our labor force and others are alcohol and drug free.  Our staff have all been screened via a stringent background check process due to the types of accounts we service.  Protection and security of our private and governmental customers is of high priority at D'Amato.

We invite you to inqure about our safety, security and ethics practices and policies.  Safe conditions create safe completions.

We hold the following certifications:

Aerial Boom Lift

Aerial Work Platform & Hoisting

Asbestos Awareness

Back Safety

Basic Hazardous Materials General Awareness

Browze Certified Contractor

Chemical Emergency Response Awareness Level

Chemical Emergency Response Operations Level

Class 7 Operator & Safety

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Confined Space Entry

Crane Operator Operation & Safety Training

Cut-off Machine Safety, Maintenace & Operation

Dealing With Hazardous Spills

DOT-FMCSA Training

Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspision

Excavation & Trenching Awareness

Eye Safety

Gastite Qualified Installer

Hazardous Function Specific

Hazardous Materials Safety

Hazardous Materials Security Awareness & In Depth

Homeflex Qualified Installer

Lead Awareness

Lead-Safe Certified Firm

Level 1 Awareness





Operation of LP Controlled Burn Apparatus & Associated Equipment

Operation of LP Vapor Compressor & Associated Equipment




Plumbing Code Updates

Preventing Bobtail Rollovers

Power-Actuated Tools Certification

Roadside Inspections

Roadway Construction Training

Rough Terrain Forklift

STARS Program

United Technologies Safety Certified Contractor